Lets Make it a Night to Remember

With over 10 years of experience, Lovely Night Entertainment has the expertise to make sure you have a lovely night. Not only will our DJs make sure that the dance floor is packed the entire night, but they will make sure your event stays on track. From working with other vendors to time tracking, our DJs will make sure your night runs smoothly. But most importantly, we will provide this at an unbeatable price!

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Keeping You Free While the Dance Floor Is Busy

What Our Clients Say

Relationship Goals

“We met with our Dj the week of the wedding and instantly felt like we were in good hands. He got to know us and truly listened to our requests.”

Hair in Wind

“We feel like he went above and beyond to make sure that our day ran as smoothly as possible.”

Slow Dance

“Our Dj even got out on the dance floor to keep the energy going, teach dances, and join in on the fun! Guests were out on the dance floor the entire night--and people from all ages!”